The Kill Fee

May 26, 2010


The 5th Sally Harrington Mystery and Book #9 of The Alexandra Chronicles 




—Published November 1, 2003 by MIRA Books

—Foreign Countries: Czech, Great Britain,  Holland, Italy,  Poland, Spain

—2nd edition, MIRA Books

—Kindle, Nook & Google electronic editions Loretta Barrett Books/Fortsmouth Press



Life is never dull for the ever-attractive and impulsive Sally Harrington, but why can’t the thirtysomething DBS News producer ever catch a break?

It all starts when Sally’s great-uncle Percy discovers he might own some land across the Connecticut border in New York.  Sounds kind of interesting, but Sally is sidetracked by a staggering job offer that suddenly makes her the focus of a national publicity campaign, complete with her own set of stalkers in her hometown of Castleford.  When Sally finally gets a chance to investigate Uncle Percy’s possible land interests, she finds herself right in the middle of an attempted-murder investigation–and she’s the prime suspect.

In the meantime, Paul McWilliams, the twenty-five-year-old police officer Sally recently “met” in Southern California, has arrived.  He claims he’s moved east merely to attend law school, but it’s more likely he’s made the move to be closer to Sally.  And jusst when Sally decides that she will seriously persue this relationship–a relationship with a younger man–she meets an older man, a married man, who seems to be falling for her as hard as she fears she’s falling for him.

 And where, in all this, is Great-Uncle Percy?  In danger, that’s where, and as Sally dodges bad guys and good guys and boyfriends and impatient TV executives, she enlists the help of an unlikely ally to hide Uncle Percy in Florida.  Uncle Percy, Sally learns, has inadvertently tripped up a foreign interest that has a large group of New York land speculators, politicians, lobbyists and organized crime family members on their payroll.

Now it’s up to Sally to somehow save her great-uncle before it’s too late.

Navigating life with Sally Harrington is not always easy, but what an  marvelous ride it can be.  The Kill Fee is no exception.  So sit back, fasten your seat belt and let Sally take you for a spin…



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  • BEA signing June 2005

    BEA autographing, New York 2005

  • PW review

    "Van Wormer supplies genuinely suspenseful moments, tasteful, deftly written love scenes and an ending that packs an emotional punch."

    —Publisher's Weekly