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May 30, 2010
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JGM from Setauket, NY wrote at February 28, 2011:
In the book, THE BAD WITNESS, did Emmett Phelps teach criminal law at UCLA (page 253) OR USC (page 361)????
Christine Webster from Castleford wrote at January 19, 2011:
I have read all Laura's books in hardcover and keep a set of paperbacks at my beach house for all my renters to enjoy.
Michael Chik wrote at December 15, 2010:
I just love Sally Harrington and miss her. Any plans for future books with her character?
YMJ wrote at August 1, 2010:
I really enjoy your books, in particular, the stories about Alexandra. Wish that they could be bought in ebook format.
Tammy from Britain wrote at July 16, 2010:
Just read Riverside Park. What a joy to see the previous of Cassy and Alexander's relationship finally revealed and even more joyful to see them happy together at the end. Thank you Ms Van Wormer!
Rick Hayward wrote at July 12, 2010:
Laura is my favorite cousin and we had tons of fun growing up. I miss her and hope all the best for her. I have all or most of her books in hardcover and her board game and proudly display them in my home in NJ. xoxo Rick
Mary Ann McDermott wrote at June 13, 2010:
I have read several of your book and have really enjoyed them. I started with Riverside Drive and would like to continue through the series in the order that you wrote them. Is there a place I can get that information? Thank. you

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